Al Jazeera Media Network is broadcasting its various counter channels all across the world. The channel was launched on August 20, 2013, under the supervision of Al Jazeera Media Group. Al Jazeera America live stream was owned by a professional team working under qualified Qatari staff. The channel is broadcasting the latest television news from the United States in English. Most people are focusing to listen to news in English. Therefore, Qatari governance has decided to initiate a groundbreaking news channel under the consideration of superior manpower. Its headquarter was based in Manhattan Center, New York. Moreover, this channel is replaced by Current TV with a new approach and administration. Al Jazeera Media Network is regulating its sister channel with the name of Al Jazeera English live stream, AJ+ and beIN Sport. People can enjoy or get entertaining programs by the way of sister channel working Al Jazeera Media Group.

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More About Channel

Furthermore, people can get acknowledgement through headlines, head trackers, sports, current affairs, and weather and sports news. In addition, channels aim to compete with strong channels in the market such as CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Importantly, RT American is also a great competitor for AL Jazeera America to stabiles its position in the market. Another channel of this group is beIN Sports launch in 2012. Aftermath, an entry of Al Jazeera has recommended various news programs for American people. Lastly, the channel is not grooming towards excellence and superiority. Consequently, it led to economic downfall to manage the entire broadcasting in various regions of America. Lastly, the channel is under consideration of a separate management team of Al Jazeera Media Group. People can watch online broadcasting by the way of the live news channel. The channel was operated from 12 offices from main office Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Current TV, Dallas, Denver, Miami, and Seattle. A facility of the online channel gives access to travelers during enroute.

Owned: Al Jazeera Media Network
Launch: 15 November 2006
Slogan Setting the news agenda
Picture Formate 1080i (HDTV)
Live Station: Al Jazeera

Programs And Availability

Former ProgramsNews bulletins
  • 48 — weekly
  • Everywoman
  • Inside Iraq
  • Riz Khan
  • Africa Investigates
  • Sports World
  • The Cafe
  • Inside Story America
  • The Fabulous Picture Show
  • The Frost Interview
  • 101 East
  • Al Jazeera Investigates
  • Counting the Cost
  • Empire
  • Fuit Lines
  • Head to Head
  • Inside Story
  • Listening Post
  • News from [Doha, London]
  • News Hour
  • News grid
  • People & Power
  • The Bottom Line


  • UK Channel 235
  • Freeview Channel 16
  • Oqaab Channel 45
  • GoTv Channel 40
  • Channel 651
  • Channel 108
  • Cignal Digital TV
  • Channel 135
  • Channel 144 (SD)
  • Channel 463 (FTA)
  • Channel 817
  • Shaw Exo TV (Canada) Channel 513
  • SkyCable (Philippines) Channel 151 (Digital)
  • Teledünya ClearTV Channel 71
  • (Nepal) Channel 660 (HD), 659 (SD)
  • Optik TV (Canada) Channel 825
  • Net TV (Nepal) Channel 200 (HD)
  • PTCL Smart TV
  • (Pakistan) Channel 105
  • myTV SUPER [zh]
  • (Hong Kong) Channel 704
  • PEO TV
  • (Sri Lanka) Channel 26
  • A1 TV (Austria) Channel 61 (SD


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