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Sky News Weather Channel is an Australian based channel for weather transmissions. The most comprehensive and reputable channel was owned by Australian News Channel. This group is a subsidiary of News Corp Australia. The channel broadcast on January 1, 1999, to broadcast weather latest reports.

People can get transmission of latest weather reports which is prepared with the latest weather updated. The channel analysis and evaluation of weather offer qualitative news 24-hours a day. Skye New Australia weather reports include 15 minutes menu of domestic, national, regional, rainfall forecast and dam level.

The channel also highlights extreme weather conditions against unforeseen circumstances. People acknowledge regarding weather variation by the way of superior services of sky New Australia Weather. However, a short time weather news coverage has put light on major weather variations such as dust storm, thunderstorm, heaving rainfall, seasonal rainfall, and tsunami.

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More About Channel

Furthermore, 24-hours weather news is a winning pride for channel team. The channel is consistently updating headlines from 06 am to 08:00 am. The channel headquarter is based in Sydney, Australia. People watch the latest weather reports in the English language. Sky News Australia is operating various sister channels such as Sky News Australia, Sky News Business Channel and Sky News Extra. However, the availability of this channel is accessible on satellite on Foxtel Channel 603 and cable facility through Cast Channel 147 and Sky News Channel 147. Lastly, the current and former notable personalities are playing an important role to bring this channel up to the skies. A team of professional and skilled worker accomplishes every single goal in a defined timeline. Most of the professionals enrich with a meteorologist education background to manage and create new weather reporting programs.

Owned: Australian News Channel (News Corp Australia)
Launch: 1 January 1999
Slogan Australia’s News Channel
Sister Channel Sky News Australia
Live Station:

Presenters and Formers

  • Tom Saunders – Chief Meteorologist
  • Jaynie Seal
  • Kristie Lloyd
  • Emma Ralph
  • Samantha Chiari
  • Rachel Raez
  • Tristan Meyers – Meteorologist
  • Graham Creed (now with the ABC)
  • Allan Humphries
  • Mark Hardy
  • Tracey Malmborg
  • Sally Ayhan
  • Christina Birtles
  • Kyly Boldy
  • Lee Brooks
  • Lyndal Davies
  • Samantha Dawson
  • Gavin Morris
  • Reuben Mourad
  • Ed Phillips
  • Magdalena Roze
  • Angela Tsun
  • Jane Bunn
  • Danielle Robertson
  • Ben Domensino
  • Richard Whitaker
  • Kenny Heatley (later joining Prime7)
  • Josh Holt
  • Rose Jacobs
  • Dave Kirwan
  • Danielle Bowern
  • Amy Greenbank


  • Channel 603
  • Cast Channel 147
  • Sky News Channel 147


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