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Bravo is the most renowned new channel in Canada which is broadcasting news in Canadian-English language. The channel is broadcasting in Canada through a special satellite installation and surveillance system. This satellite and surveillance system are operating under Bell Media. Channel was created to reflect Canadian version news, arts and drama for Canadian people. The entire focus of Bravo Canada to enhance and upgrade the channelization of arts, drama and independent fil with changing trends in the market. Bravo has its US counterpart which is reflecting reality base shows and lifestyle for the people. Canadian Bravo is offering qualitative drama services for the people. Bravo Canada was established in the 1980s with commercial-free play television to attract the people and investors.

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Bravo Canada is exploring shows, movies, entertainment videos, schedule shows and live tv facility for the people. Bravo Canada streaming gives to watch favorite shows live or on demand. The flexibility of these features attracts more and more people towards Bravo Canada. People can easily watch an episode and shows of their own interest. Moreover, people can watch current and upcoming shows with an assistance of Wi-fi, and 3G/4G services. Bravo Canada is broadcasting high profile dramas to reflect the message of various incidents in the world. In addition, blockbuster feature films with compelling stories streamline the success path of Bravo Canada. On the other hand, KILLING EVE, SUITS, THE HANDMAIND’S TALE are the hit series of Bravo home category. Bravo Canada is originally operated from Bell Media which is incorporated under the largest communication company in Canada. Bravo Canada blends with most interesting shows on a weekly basis for the people, businessman, investors, and entrepreneurship. Canada most popular channel is determined to focus on arts programming which includes ballet, literature, television, music and film dram. similarly, modern dance, opera, architecture, and visual arts. Bravo Canada in collaboration with Arts Fact established a fund for the production of various series for the channel. Canadian Short films with art-related disciplines are the major success for Bravo Canada. Furthermore, FACT is playing an important role to air the channel and production of the film is completely funded by the Bravo.

Owned: Bell Media
Live on: January 1, 1995
Broadcast Area: Nationwide
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario


  • Channel 620 (SD)
  • Channel 1734 (HD)
  • Channel 523 (SD)
  • Channels 82 and 582 (HD)
  • Available on most Canadian cable systems
  • Channel 203 (SD)
  • Channel 420 (HD)
  • Channel 620 (SD)
  • Channel 1620 (HD)
  • Channel 123 (SD)
  • Channel 1123 (HD)
  • Channel 9302 (SD)
  • Channel 302 (HD)
  • Channel 73 (SD)
  • Channel 373 (HD)
  • Channel 40 (HD)
  • Channel 121 (HD)

Popular Program:

Original Series
  • 19-2 (English-language version)
  • Arts & Minds
  • At the Concert Hall
  • The Borgias
  • Bravo!FACT Presents
  • Bravo!NEWS
  • Bravo! Videos
  • Carter
  • Live at the Rehearsal Hall
  • The O’Regan Files
  • The People’s Couch (Canadian Version)
  • Playlist


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