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CTV Television Network broadcast national news in Toronto, Canada. This media industry gives priority to national news of various issues. Presently, Wendy Freeman is the President of CTV News. In addition, Bell Media is the owner of CTV News Toronto. The channel has approved local and regional current affairs to acknowledge people regarding variation in the market. Local and regional news assist people to keep themselves aware of various changes in the environment. The channel operates network from its owned operated stations. An affixed and coordinated station lead national news in a qualitative manner. This new division streamlines the work of CTV news effective and efficient towards superior services. However, local news also plays an important role to attract and engage viewers towards channel because of area interest. Consequently, the channel blooms to a high rating in the media industry. Previously, the channel was dispersing information of regional as well as local areas. Hence, both formats create hindrance for error-free information.

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Furthermore, the channel executive committee has decided to scale up the channel rating through single pipe news services. After a long time, the channel is regulating the hierarchy of single news for regional and local’s news in Toronto, Canada. The channel is branded as CTV News Channel to offer 24-hours news through various division. CTV National News produces CTV Regional News, W5 weekly magazines, and Question Period. A weekly newsmagazine series, interview series, and night news are playing an integral role to retain the credibility of the channel. Lastly, Lisa LaFlamme Weekdays and Sadie Rinaldo are the main characters of CTV National News. Business News explores the market trend of Toronto, Canada through 24-Hour on cable and satellite. An installation of money news and entertainment programs has kept people to engage with channel programs. Meanwhile, Bell Media In-House Production is leading Your Morning show for people with qualitative content.

Owned: Bell Media
Live on: September 30, 1997
Broadcast Area: National
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website: ctvnews.ca

News Bureaus:

  • Halifax Bureau Chief: Todd Battis
  • Montreal Bureau Chief: Geneviève Beauchemin, Reporters: Vanessa Lee
  • Ottawa Bureau Chief: Joyce Napier
  • Senior Political Correspondent: Glen McGregor
  • Chief Political Commentator: Craig Oliver
  • Power Play Host: Don Martin
  • Correspondents: Michel Boyer, Annie Bergeron-Oliver and Kevin Gallagher
  • Toronto Medical Correspondent: Avis Favaro
  • Medical Contributor: Dr. Marla Shapiro
  • Reporters: Omar Sachedina, John Vennavally-Rao, Peter Akman
  • Bureau Chief: Jill Macyshon
  • Calgary Bureau Chief: Janet Dirks
  • Vancouver Bureau Chief: Melanie Nagy
  • Washington – United States Bureau Chief: Joy Malbon
  • Correspondent: Richard Madan
  • Los Angeles – United StatesBureau Chief: Tom Walters
  • London – Europe and Africa Bureau Chief: Paul Workman
  • Reporter: Daniele Hamamdjian

Popular Program:

National ProgramsLocal Programs
  • CTV National News
  • W5
  • Question Period
  • Your Morning
  • Barrie (CKVR)
  • Calgary (CFCN)
  • Edmonton (CFRN)
  • Greater Sudbury (CICI)
  • Halifax (CJCH / CTV Two Atlantic)
  • London (CFPL)
  • Montreal (CFCF)
  • Ottawa (CJOH / CHRO)
  • Regina (CKCK)
  • Saskatoon (CFQC)
  • Toronto (CFTO)
  • Vancouver (CIVT)
  • Victoria (CIVI)
  • Winnipeg (CKY)
  • Windsor (CHWI)


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