Global News Calgary is the most reflecting channel in Canada. Global News is an autonomous body which is regulating the structure of the latest news on current affairs and weather. Current affairs give bloom and success to the channel due to up-gradation on a daily basis.

The channel was founded in 1994 under the consideration of Global Television Network. However, its headquarters is established in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is basically a media news industry that supervises new market trends.

Corus Entertainment periodically reviews the qualitative news structure of the channel. People can streamline latest updates of World, Canada, Local, Politics, Money, Entertainment, Health, Trending, Contest, Weather and Sports by the online streaming media and official webpage. Both sources are playing an important role to spread quality content for the peoples.

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Furthermore, Global National, The West Block, and The Morning Show have embraced Global News Calgary to enhance superiority in channel news. Calgary Global News provides region to region news and information which includes breaking news, headlines trackers, current affairs. The channel services successfully meet with community guidelines.

A creative and deeply engaging content put long-lasting effects for channel broadcasting. The most highlighting and complex issues of the world put comprehensive footprints towards the credibility of the channel.

Moreover, the Corus Entertainment collaboration and coordination lead various stories in accordance with the professional standard. The channel 21 local’s news subject offers minute to minute details according to the community guidelines of Global Television Network.

Owned: Corus Entertainment
Live on: 1994
Broadcast Area: Canada
Parent Global Television Network
Headquater Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Services television broadcasts and online
Industry Media, News


Sister ChannelsProgramsNews Operation
  • CTV Two Alberta
  • CKMX
  • Mountains Time
  • Spokane
  • Premier Ralph Klein
  • Barb Higgins
  • Tara Nelson

National Programs and Local Casting

National ProgramsLocal Programs
  • The Morning Show
  • Global National
  • The West Block
  • Global News Morning
  • Noon
  • Global News at 5:30
  • GlobalNews Hour at 6
  • Focus

Global news Radio City wise

  • Calgray
  • Edmonton
  • Edmonton
  • CHQR
  • CHQT
  • CHED
  • News Talk
  • All News**
  • News talk**
British Columbia
  • London
  • Hamilton
  • Toronto


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