The Global News live streaming channel broadcasts programs related to current affairs, international and national politics, local politics, lifestyle information, entertainment, health business, and weather updates. GlobalNews is a news channel working under the group of Global Television Network in Canada.

The channel was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. This news channel is owned by Corus Entertainment. Some of the famous national programs produced by global news are “The morning show” that is telecasted on weekdays, “Global national” that is telecasted nightly and “The west block” that is only cast on Sundays as CTV.

Some famous anchors of this news channel are Kevin Newman, Dawna Friesen, Mercedes, Tara Nelson, and Robin Gill. The channel owns its own website and audience can enjoy live streaming on youtube as well.

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More About Channel
Owned: Corus Entertainment
Live on: 1994
Broadcast Area: Canada
Parent Global Television Network
Headquater Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Services television broadcasts and online
Industry Media, News


Sister ChannelsProgramsNews Operation
  • CTV Two Alberta
  • CKMX
  • Mountains Time
  • Spokane
  • Premier Ralph Klein
  • Barb Higgins
  • Tara Nelson

National Programs and Local Casting

National ProgramsLocal Programs
  • The Morning Show
  • Global National
  • The West Block
  • GlobalNews Morning
  • Noon
  • GlobalNews at 5:30
  • GlobalNews Hour at 6
  • Focus

Globalnews Radio City wise

  • Calgray
  • Edmonton
  • Edmonton
  • CHQR
  • CHQT
  • CHED
  • News Talk
  • All News**
  • News talk**
British Columbia
  • London
  • Hamilton
  • Toronto


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