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France 2 is a television channel in France. It was launched on 18 April 1964 and has French as an official language. This public TV channel is owned by France Televisions. The Broadcast areas of this national channel are Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, and Australia. France2 has a picture format of 1080i (HDTV). With the audience rate of 12.8% (according to 2018), this TV channel is among one of the leading news channels in France. It has the slogan “Nos différences nous rassemblent”; (Translation: Our differences bring us together).

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France 2 TV channel also has its sister channels named France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô. The channel has its own website and for the feasibility of French people this channel is available on terrestrial television, Satellite TV, cable TV, and IPTV. On terrestrial, it is available on Digital terrestrial television and canalsat via Channel 2 (HD). On satellite, it is available on same canalsat channel 2 HD. On cable TV it is available on Ziggo (channel 118) and Kabel (Channel 138). France2 news channel is also available in Germany through the cable on Deutschland and Unity media (channel 18).

The national TV channel shows mixed content including news, sports, entertainment, game shows, talk shows, musical programs, drama serials, sitcoms, and soaps. One of the famous sitcoms of this channel is “Friends”. The popular soap operas are “The Bold and the beautiful” and “Days of our lives”. The well-liked drama series are “Band of brothers”, “Boston Public”, “Without a trace” and “cold case”. “Around the world with Willy Fog”, Mysterious cities of gold” and “without a trace” were very famous TV serials. “Top of the pops” and “Eurovision song contest” is top rated musical programs of this television channel. The channel is also known for its famous game shows as well.

Owned: France Télévisions
Live on: 18 April 1964
Broadcast Area: Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Australia
Headquarters Saudi Arabia


  • Channel 2 (HD)
  • Ziggo Channel 118 (HD)
  • Kabel Deutschland (Germany) Channel 138 (SD)
  • Unitymedia (Germany) Channel 18 (SD)
  • Channel 2 (HD)
  • Channel 2 (HD)
  • Channel 2 (HD)

Leaders of France 2

General DirecteursProgram DirectorsSports Directors
  • Georges Vanderchmitt
  • Raphaël Hadas-Lebel
  • Michel Pappalardo
  • Michèle Cotta
  • Christopher Baldelli
  • Philippe Baudillon
  • François Guilbeau
  • Claude-Yves Robin
    Bertrand Mosca
  • Jean-Pierre Cottet
  • Patrice Duhamel
  • François Tron
  • Yves Bigot
  • Jean-Baptiste Jouy
  • Éric Stemmelen
  • Alain Vautier
  • Perrine Fontaine
  • Philippe Vilamitjana
  • Thierry Thuillier
  • Jean Réveillon
  • Patrick Chêne
  • Charles Biétry
  • Frédéric Chevit
  • Daniel Bilalian


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