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Deutsche Welle is a German-based news channel to publish international news. The channel headquarter is established in Bonn, Germany. An interesting and informative DW TV live streaming for people to elucidate national and international news through comprehensive means.

In addition, the channel was launched on May 3, 1953, with affiliation with World Radio Network. DW news live stream is progressing towards excellence and superiority because of updating content in accordance with changing trends of the market. A public international broadcaster channel attracts millions of viewers from across the world.

People can tune the channel domestic, regional and international news in 30 languages. A tremendous way of broadcasting in various languages enhance more traffic towards the channel. However, Deutsche Welle encompasses with a satellite facility in English, German, Spanish and Arabic.

The is fully funded by the German government and regulated under the supervision of Deutsche Welle German channel. The channel administration has been permitted to broadcast independent network news without the intervention of government.

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More About Channel

Moreover, a German most profitable channel is the member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The European Broadcasting Union provides training and development program to enhance the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the professional staff.

Meanwhile, a changing trend embarks channels to put innovative content for dynamic approach in the market. An international media development is the institute of Deutsche Welle, all staff update articles and news on the website.

Its own institute DW Akademie states a productive approach towards goals accomplishment. Lastly, reliable news services in the German language enhance understanding and coordination among people in Germany.

Peter Limbourg is the Director-General of Deutsche Welle that focuses to broadcast channel services in sixty countries from its offices in Bonn and Berlin. Every year the number of visitors is increasing from all broadcasting area. A periodic change sustains the position of the channel in a competitive market SABC news.

Owned: Deutsche Welle
Launch: August 1988
Slogan: “Made for minds.”
Headquarter: Berlin
Live Station: DW


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