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ABP News launched its services in February 1998 which is owned by ABP Group. A group of most professional and talented workers. The channel is broadcasting the latest and contemporary content format for the last 21 years.

However, people can enjoy the picture format 1080 HDTV with the assistance of Indian cable facility providers. There is various slogan of ABP News such as Yeh Hai Star, Aap Dekh Rahe Hai Star-News, and Sirf Star-News Par.

Importantly, the present slogan Aapko Rankhe Aage reflects the reputable content of the channel in India. Nationwide broadcast information and headline trackers in the Hindi language. Meanwhile, the broadcasting area of this channel points towards India and the International region.

News Channel covers regional, domestic, and international news content for the suitability of viewers towards the channel. Furthermore, its headquarters were based in Noida, India. STAR News was the previous name of ABP News.

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More About Channel

Moreover, the channel streamlines various sister channels such as STAR News ABP Ananda, AAsmita, Majha, and Sanjha. Sister channels elucidate various regions of information through collective means of work India TV. The channel includes three options for online streaming media such as Satellite, Cable, and IPTV.

These resources make it easy for people to search for information in all regions. Firstly, the satellite facility includes Airtel digital TV, Independent TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct, Tata Sky, and Sky Network. These all streaming providers’ resources elaborate an effective and efficient way of information for the people. The most Important Avinash Pandey is the current Chief Cooperating Officer of ABP News Network.

Owned: ABP Group
Live on: 318 February 1998
Broadcast Area: India and International
Headquarters Noida, India
Website: news.abplive.com/live-tv


IPTVCableStreaming Media
  • World On Demand (Japan) Channel 114
  • VMedia (Canada) Channel 839
  • Rogers Cable (Canada) Channel 839
  • Xfinity (US) Channel 3108
  • Asianet Digital (India) Channel 524
  • Siti Cable (India) Channel 302
  • Spectrum (US) Channel 1551
  • Windows 10


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