SABC News is a 24 hourly news channel that was launched in 2013 in South Africa. This news channel is operated by South African Broadcasting Corporation. SABC is a public broadcaster that runs 19 radio stations and 5 TV broadcasts. Among South African’s other broadcasters SABC is one f the largest and is owned by Government of South Africa.

SABC is available in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland. Coming back to SABC News channel, it is broadcasted in all 11 official languages.

Having the slogan of “independent Impartial”, the channel is among one of the famous news channels in South Africa. SABC News is available on satellite TV on channel 404. It all started from 1998 when to replace the programs of BBC, SABC introduced two TV Channels named SABC Africa and Africa 2 Africa.

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More About Channel

SBC Africa was a news channel and Africa 2 Africa was entertainment programming channel. The two channels were broadcasted through satellite TV from South Africa and other African countries. After 5 years Africa 2 Africa was merged with SABC Africa.

Afterwards in 2008 SABC Africa also got closed due to the contractual issues with DSTV. Later in 2007, SABC again introduced a 24-hour international news channel named “SABC News International” but unfortunately got closed in 2010. Afterwards, in 2017 SABC again publicized the launch of two channels entertaining and the news channel.

The news channel was named as “SABC News” and entertaining one was named as “SABC Encore”. Currently “Frankly speaking”, “Global Fokus” and “Interface” are the famous programs broadcasted by SABC News.

Moreover, “Leihlo la Sechaba” is a current affairs news program broadcasted in the Sotho language, “Zwa Maramani” Current affairs in Venda language, “Bophelong” Current affairs in the English language, “Ngala Ya Vutivi” Current affairs in Tsonga language and “Yilungelo Lakho” is a multilingual consumer affairs series as CNBC.

Owned: SABC
Live on: 2013 (channel)
Broadcast Area: African continent
Slogan Independent. Impartial.
Headquarter South Africa
Satellite DStv Channel 404
Language All 11 official languages across all platforms

Current TV Series

List of Series
  • Cutting Edge
  • Agenda
  • Frankly speaking
  • Global
  • Fokus
  • Interface
  • Leihlo la Sechaba, Current affairs newsmagazine in
  • Sotho language
  • Zwa Maramani, Current affairs in the Venda language
  • Bophelong, Current affairs in the English language
  • Ngala Ya Vutivi, Current affairs in the Tsonga language
  • Yilungelo Lakho, multilingual consumer affairs series


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